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Disclosure of Information

Under the OSFI Act, the Superintendent is required to report to Parliament each year on the disclosure of information by financial institutions and the progress made in enhancing the disclosure of information in the financial services industry.

OSFI promotes effective disclosure by: publishing selected financial information on OSFI’s external website (and through Beyond 20/20 Inc. for federally regulated insurance companies only – see OSFI’s website under Financial Institutions/Financial Data); providing guidance to federally regulated financial institutions (FRFIs) on their disclosures; and participating in international supervisory groups with similar objectives.

Public Disclosures Associated with Building a More Stable Future

Public disclosures of risk management practices and risk exposures made by FRFIs have become a significant focus to achieving transparency, and restoring financial stability and market confidence since the global financial crisis. Over the past few years, publications released by international organizations, such as the Financial Stability Board (FSB), the European Banking Authority, and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) have stressed the need for enhanced risk disclosures. OSFI believes that strong disclosures and market discipline are key elements for effective corporate governance and sound risk management practices within an institution.

During 2015-2016, OSFI focused on issuing guidance for several disclosure projects which included:

  • September 2015 – revisions to Global systemically important banks – Public disclosure Requirements advisory
  • January 2016 – issuance of draft guideline Pillar 3 Disclosure Requirements
  • March 2016 – issuance of draft guideline IFRS 9 Financial Instruments and Disclosures

OSFI has also participated as a member of the Working Group on Disclosures subgroup of the BCBS on recent Pillar 3 disclosures initiatives and is developing guidance for the domestic implementation of Pillar 3 disclosure requirements by federally regulated deposit-taking institutions.

Financial Stability Board Guidance

In October 2012, the Enhanced Disclosure Task Force (EDTF), established by the FSB, issued 32 recommendations to improve risk disclosures. Since then, OSFI has worked closely with Canada’s six major banks (designated as domestic systemically important banks) to implement the 32 EDTF recommendations and performed quarterly reviews of the six major banks’ public disclosures to monitor the progress of implementation. The six major banks, as highlighted by the EDTF in its 2015 progress report, are in substantial compliance with the 32 EDTF recommendations.

OSFI expects the six major banks to adopt future disclosure recommendations in the banking arena that are endorsed by international standard setters and the FSB, as well as evolving domestic and international bank risk disclosure best practices.

OSFI is committed to continuing to improve public disclosures in order to promote safety and soundness in the way institutions conduct business, and contribute to public confidence in the Canadian financial system. OSFI will continue to support disclosure initiatives through its membership in international associations and through reviewing our domestic disclosure requirements and practices.