​​Domestic Stability Buffer

of total risk-weighted assets

June 22, 2022

Minimum Qualifying Rate for Uninsured Mortgages

The greater of
the mortgage contract rate
plus 2% or 5.25%

December 17, 2021

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Executive remarks at the 2022 OSFI Insurance Risk Management Seminar

“Consultation with the industry is an important part of improving effectiveness and efficiency of the oversight framework. Without industry input, the resulting expectations will not be as reasonable or targeted.”

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Photo of Peter Routledge

OSFI’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan

OSFI's Strategic Plan is the next step in our transformation. It not only sets out our goals and priorities for the next three years, but it also outlines the concrete actions that we will take to ensure that we continue to contribute to confidence in Canada's financial system.

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Graphic depicting six transformation initiatives

OSFI releases first Annual Risk Outlook

“With our inaugural Annual Risk Outlook, we are providing transparency to Canadians about the financial system risks facing our country and our supervisory and regulatory responses to those risks. In so doing, we commit ourselves to strengthening the prudential oversight framework for Canada’s federally regulated financial institutions and pension plans which, in turn, will add to financial system resilience.”

- Peter Routledge, Superintendent

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Graphic depicting seven risks identified in OSFI's Annual Risk Outlook

OSFI Major 2022 Announcements

  • December 8

    Domestic Stability Buffer Rate setting event

  • December 15

    Minimum Qualifying Rate for uninsured mortgages

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The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) is an independent agency of the Government of Canada, established in 1987 to contribute to the safety and soundness of the Canadian financial system. OSFI supervises and regulates federally registered banks and insurers, trust and loan companies, as well as private pension plans subject to federal oversight.


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Our Partners

OSFI works closely with its federal partners, including the Department of Finance, the Bank of Canada, the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

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