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  • Revised: May 2022


2023 Quarterly and Annual Returns and Instructions

With the implementation of IFRS 17, the existing MI Financial Quarterly (MI1) and Annual Supplement (MI2) returns have been decommissioned. New Financial Quarterly and Annual Returns (MI Core Financial Statement Return (MI3), MI Supervisory Quarterly Return (MI4), MI Supervisory Annual Return (MI5) and MI Provincial Return (MIPROV)) have been created effective Q1 2023.

All readers are encouraged to fully review the 2022 updated instructions, and the 2023 edition of the Quarterly and Annual Return filings.


The following changes have been made during the course of the 2021 year:


Section IGeneral email address - Updated
V-4Saskatchewan contact information – Updated
Federal contact information - Updated
V-22 to 25Saskatchewan - Updated
VI-7Page 10.60, line 33 - Updated

2021 “Q4” Quarterly Return

No changes made.

2021 Annual Supplement

No changes made.

2022 “Q1” Quarterly Return

No changes made.


The Mortgage Insurers Quarterly (MI1) and Annual Supplement (MI2) Financial Returns and instructions for 2020 were created in 2019.