BoC Secure Site and RRS Portal – Quick Reference Guide

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LOGIN Tips and Tricks

BoC Secure Site & Enhanced Authentication Login

Internet Browser:

  • Using an internet browser that remembers your username/passwords makes the logging in process faster and easier.
  • Save RRS Portal as a favourite/bookmark within your tool bar.

Username & passwords:

  • Keep your Log in username and password written somewhere secure and handy to locate.
  • Your username is assigned by BoC Secure Site.


  • Logging in to the BoC Secure Site requires 2 separate passwords: 1 for Secure Site and 1 for Enhanced Authentication Password.
  • The only system restriction is that each password must contain at least 1 capital letter, 1 number and 1 special character.

Password expiration:

  • The BoC Secure Site and Enhanced Password expire every 90 days (3 months), regardless of whether you use the system every day or not.  These two passwords often expire within a few days of each other.
  • When prompted to update your BoC Secure Site password, the “Temporary Password” is the same as your current password.


  • When required to change your Secure Site password, go in and reset your Enhanced Password right away, as follows:


Click on “Request Activation Code”.


Open email from and copy your temporary activation code.


Paste activation code and click on Continue.


Click on Reset Enhanced Authentication Password.


Enter and re-enter your new enhanced password and click on Continue.


Note: The same enhanced password can be used over and over again, if that is your preference.


It will bring you back to the Manage Profile screen. Simply click on Return button.


You will then be returned to the Confirm Enhanced Authentication Image and Message screen.


  • When your Enhanced password expires, ensure to read the message carefully, sometimes it will first ask you to reset your password and then it may also ask you to reset your security questions.  When required to reset your security questions, you will be prompted to reset all 6 of them. These can also be re-used, so no need to make the answers different from last time.

Security questions:

  • Keep your security question answers simple (one word response) and easy to remember.
  • After answering your security questions, click on the Continue button, then change the following setting to “a personal workstation….” Where you enter your enhanced password, as follows. This will eliminate the need from having to answer your security questions every time you log in.


RRS Portal Login

Username and Password:

  • Your username is the email address recorded on file.
  • Logging in to RRS Portal requires 1 password.

RRS Inactivity:

  • After a period of inactivity, the system will log you out and you will need to log back in. Note: this period appears to vary.
  • Upon getting the following message, simply click on your saved bookmark once again and restart your log in from the beginning.


NOTE: (Clicking on the OK button above will not bring you back to the proper log in page and you will encounter the following error message when trying to log in through this page.)


RRS Support

Secure Site Support

Contact Secure Site Support for connectivity issues, help with log in, or if you have not received your Secure Site account information.

RRS Support

Contact RRS Support for user access and technical issues with RRS.

ReturnsAdmin Support

Contact ReturnsAdmin Support for issues related to OSFI specific financial returns, pension returns or all corporate returns.

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