OSFI congratulates the CIA on its 50th anniversary

June 17, 2015

Mr. Jacques Tremblay
Canadian Institute of Actuaries
360 Albert Street, Suite 1740
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7X7

To members of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) is pleased to congratulate the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) on its 50th anniversary.

OSFI and its predecessor organizations have benefited from and valued the many contributions made by actuaries. OSFI uses the work of internal and external actuaries due to the professionalism of the CIA’s members, as well as the strength of its standards of practice. OSFI takes comfort in the fact that Fellows of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (FCIAs) hold the duty of the actuarial profession to the public above the needs of the profession and its members.

The growth of the Canadian actuarial profession achieved by the CIA over the past 50 years has allowed the continued expansion of actuarial roles. We know how highly regarded members are from the significant roles that FCIAs have filled at the International Actuarial Association.

As the complexity of risks faced by insurers and pension plans, public and private, continues to evolve, we are confident that the need for actuaries and their skills will remain strong.

OSFI’s mandate, and the mandate of the Office of the Chief Actuary, could not be accomplished effectively without FCIAs. OSFI and the OCA look forward to continuing our excellent working relationship with the CIA and its members over the next fifty years.


Jeremy Rudin
Jean-Claude Ménard
Chief Actuary of Canada