Plan Amendments (Defined Benefit Plans)

In accordance with subsection 10.1(1) of the PBSA, pension plan administrators must file, with OSFI, amendments to any pension plan document within 60 days after an amendment is made. Certain amendments may be void unless authorized by the Superintendent.


Type Title Year
Form (Draft)  Authorization Request Form for Amendments Reducing Benefits (PDF, 2.15 MB) 2019
Instruction Guide (Draft)  Authorization of Amendments Reducing Benefits in Defined Benefit Pension Plans 2019
InfoPensions Newsletter Plan amendments to incorporate legislative changes 2017
InfoPensions Newsletter Electronic Filing of Documents with OSFI 2016
InfoPensions Newsletter Multi-jurisdictional Plans Regulated by OSFI 2015
InfoPensions Newsletter Plan Amendments 2014
Form (Draft) OSFI 594: Defined Benefit/Combination Pension Plan Amendment Information (DOC, 228 kB) 2012
Guidance Amendments to Supporting Documents 2009
InfoPensions Newsletter Filing Plan Amendments 2008