Plan Member Information Requests

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  • Type of Publication: Guidance
  • Category: Governance
  • No: 2009 -015

Pursuant to paragraph 28(1)(c) of the Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985 (the “PBSA”) each member and former member of a pension plan and their spouses or common-law partners may, once in each year of operation of the plan, either personally or by an authorized agent, examine the documents or information filed with the Superintendent under subsection 10(1) or 10.1(1) or section 12 or any regulations made under paragraph 39(i) of the PBSA. The responsibility to make the information available, however, rests with the plan administrator and not with OSFI.

Consequently OSFI’s policy on requests pursuant to paragraph 28(l)(c) of the PBSA is that the plan member or representative should direct the request to the plan administrator.

Replaces Article Published in PBSA Update, Issue No. 4 March 1990.