Locked-in Retirement Funds

While there are some exceptions, under the locking-in provisions of the PBSA, money payable to a member of a plan can be used only to provide retirement income, even if the member leaves the plan. Publications Type Title Reference Newsletter Incorrect jurisdiction of record for locked-in funds 2018 Guidance Garnishment, Seizure and Execution 2009-011 Guidance Federal Home Buyers Plan 2008-007 Guidance No Age Limit for the Purchase of a LIF or an Immediate Annuity 2008-008 Guidance Unlocking for Non-Residents 2008-006 FAQ Unlocking FAQ FAQ Contracts and Addendums (following the changes to the LIF Regulations) FAQ FAQ Forms FAQ FAQ One-time 50% unlocking option and the restricted LIF FAQ FAQ Life Income Fund FAQ FAQ If I declare personal bankruptcy, can my pension be seized by my creditors? FAQ FAQ Can a creditor force me to use my federal locked-in RRSP to pay off my debts? FAQ