Pension Plan Assessments - PBSA Plans

Pension plans registered or filed for registration under the Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985 (PBSA) must pay an assessment on plan registration and annually thereafter. The amount of the assessment is determined by multiplying the plan assessment base by the basic rate that is in effect for the fiscal year in which the assessment is due to be paid.

The plan assessment base is determined by a formula which includes the number of plan beneficiaries (i.e. active and inactive members, deferred vested members, retirees, survivors, and any other person entitled to pension benefits who has not transferred their benefit from the pension fund). A pension plan's assessment shall be paid no later than

  1. the day on which the plan is filed for registration under section 10 of the PBSA if a new plan is established; or
  2. six months after the end of each plan year, in all other cases.


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