OSFI Sets Domestic Stability Buffer Level at 2.25%

OSFI announces that it has set the level of the Domestic Stability Buffer at 2.25% of total risk-weighted assets, effective April 30, 2020.

The Domestic Stability Buffer contributes to Domestic Systemically Important Banks’ (D-SIBs) resilience to key vulnerabilities and system-wide risks, thereby contributing to financial stability.

OSFI reviews and sets the level of the Domestic Stability Buffer in a Letter to Industry on a semi-annual basis (June and December), based on its ongoing monitoring of federally regulated financial institutions as well as system-wide and sectoral developments. Decisions on the calibration of the buffer are based on OSFI supervisory judgement, informed by its monitoring and analytical work on a range of vulnerabilities, and are made in consultation with OSFI’s federal financial regulatory partners.

Visit this webpage to see the current level of the Domestic Stability Buffer on the OSFI website.

For more information please see:
Domestic Stability Buffer Information Sheet