Manual of Reporting Forms and Instructions

Instructions and Sample ReturnsDate Updated
Allowance Continuity (C3)2017-07
Allowances for Expected Credit Losses (E3)2018-09
Balance Sheet (M4)2022-06
Balance Sheet by Booking Location (Z4)2022-10
Basel Capital Adequacy Reporting (BCAR) 20232022-10
Charge for Impairment (C1)2017-07
Collateral and Pledging Report (H4)2021-09
Deposit Liabilities (K4)2019-07
Geographic Assets & Liabilities Booked In Canada (GQ)2021-11
Geographic Assets & Liabilities Booked Outside Canada (GR)2021-11
GIC Offer Sheets (GA-GB)2019-08
Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) Report (J2)2022-10
Interbank and Major Exposures Return (EB/ET)2022-07
IRB Credit Data Wholesale Portfolio Part-1 (BB)2013-08
IRB Credit Data Retail Portfolio Part-1 (BD)2017-08
IRB Credit Data Wholesale Transaction (BF)2021-08
IRB Credit Data Wholesale Transaction Defaulted and Fully Resolved (BG)2008-07
2020 Income Statement (P3)2020-01
2024 Income Statement (P3)2022-06
Interest Rate Risk (I3)2021-07
Large Exposures Return (OSFI930)2019-07
Leverage Requirements Return (LRR) 20232022-02
Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) Return (LA)2023-04
Loans in Arrears (N3)2017-07
Market Risk Monthly Data (BK)2014-09
Market Risk Quarterly Data (BL)2007-08
Model Risk Unstructured Regulatory Return (OSFI947)2022-01
Mortgage Loans (E2)2022-11
Net Cumulative Cash Flow (NCCF) Reporting2022-09
Net Stable Funding Ratio Return (DT1)2023-04​
Non-Mortgage Loans (A2)2017-07
Operational Loss Event Data Reporting (L3)2019-09
Pledging and REPOS (U3)2012-07
Regional Distribution Assets and Liabilities (R2)2017-07
Report on New and Existing Lending (A4)2022-10
Retail IRB Parameter Data Call (DT4) 2021-10
Securities (B2)2017-07
Selected Structured Statistics (Y3)2008-07
Solo Capital Return2023-06
Solo Total Loss Absorbing Capacity (Solo TLAC) Return2023-06
Standardized Institutions Credit Monitoring Data Call (BH)2017-08
Standardized Institutions Risk Asset Portfolio Information (RAPID1)2022-05
Supplementary Return for Foreign Bank Branches (K3)2019-07
Trading Income and Income from GoC Securities Trading (A3)2020-06
Wholesale IRB Parameter Data Call (DT3) 2021-10