Unpaid Claims and Loss Ratio Analysis Exhibit (UCLRE)

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  • Type of Publication: Instructions
  • Revised: July 2019

General Instructions

Insurers should complete the Unpaid Claims and Loss Ratio Analysis Exhibit annual filing (UCLRE), in accordance with Memorandum for the Appointed Actuary's Report on Property and Casualty Insurance Business.

Please refer to the Filing Requirements, under Section V of the Canadian & Foreign Property & Casualty Insurance Companies - Manual of Reporting Forms and Instructions for the specific list of filing requirements for each Canadian jurisdiction.

Electronic Filing

Electronic filing (XML format) to OSFI via the Regulatory Reporting System (RRS) website is mandatory for the UCLRE return.

For RRS electronic filing instructions, please refer to the Regulatory Reporting System (RRS) – Manage Financial Returns User Guide available on OSFI's website.

Annual Filing

The annual filing is due within 60 days following the insurer's year-end.

Penalties for Late Filing

The UCLRE return is currently not subject to late or erroneous filing penalties.

The UCLRE business and data definition document is available on OSFI's website or can be found within RRS under Documents/Portal Documents/English/Return Technical Specifications.

Validation Rules

Please refer to OSFI's website or in RRS under Documents/Portal Documents/English/Return Validation Rules/Insurance Validation for a list of all current validation rules.