2007 Speeches

Speaker Title Date Published
Jean-Claude Ménard

Presentation: The benefit picture: current and future pressures, to the C.D. Howe Institute, Policy Conference - Canada Pension Plan Reforms Ten Years After: Lessons and Prospects, Toronto, Ontario 10 December 2007

Jean-Claude Ménard

Remarks to the Senate Standing Committee on National Finance on the topic of: the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Ottawa, Ontario, December 4, 2007

Jean-Claude Ménard

Presentation: A Comparative Study of Demographic and Economic Assumptions Used for Actuarial Valuations of Social Security Schemes, to the World Social Security Forum, 29th ISSA General Assembly, Moscow, Russia, 12 September 2007

Jean-Claude Ménard

Presentation: Mortality Projections for Social Security Programs in Canada and the United States, to the 15th International Conference of Social Security, Actuaries and Statisticians of ISSA, Helsinki, Finland, 24 May 2007

Jean-Claude Ménard

A presentation to the European Institute at the Sovereign Funds Roundtable conference in London, England, 8 May 2007.

Michel Millette

Presentation, "HRSDC Roundtable on Enrolments" as part of HRSDC’s series of Knowledge Talks, Ottawa, Ontario, 29 November 2007, featuring a full panel discussion, entitled: How many students will Canada’s Universities and Colleges have in the coming decades? How many should Canada have?