Retirement of Jamey Hubbs

I am writing today to inform you about a significant executive-level change at OSFI.

Vice-Superintendent Jamey Hubbs will be retiring from OSFI in October 2022. Mr. Hubbs was named Vice-Superintendent in April 2022, with responsibility for managing two new sectors: 1) Policy Innovation and Stakeholder Affairs, and 2) Strategy, Risk, and Governance. Prior to his promotion, he served as Assistant Superintendent of the Deposit-Taking Supervision Sector, where he was responsible for supervising some 150 federally regulated deposit-taking institutions.

Prior to joining OSFI in 2012, Mr. Hubbs held various senior management positions at HSBC Securities (Canada) Inc., TD Securities, National Bank Financial and Scotia Capital.

I would like to thank Mr. Hubbs for his impressive contributions to OSFI and his service to Canadians.

Peter Routledge
Superintendent, OSFI