Filing Pension Plan Amendments using the Regulatory Reporting System (RRS)

  • Type of publication: Instruction Guide
  • Date: December 2020


The purpose of this instruction guide (the Guide) is to assist administrators of pension plans registered or having filed an application for registration under the Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985 (PBSA) in filing plan amendments with the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI).

The Guide does not supersede the requirements of the PBSA, the Pension Benefits Standards Regulations, 1985 (the Regulations), the Directives of The Superintendent Pursuant To The Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985 (the Directives), or any related guidelines that OSFI has issued or may issue.

Who Must File

The administrator of a pension plan registered or having filed an application for registration under the PBSA must file with OSFI any amendment to a plan text or other document that creates or supports the plan along with a signed declaration that the plan, as amended, complies with the PBSA and the Regulations.

Filing Due Date

The amendment and declaration must be filed with OSFI within 60 days after it is made.

Filing Requirements

The administrator must file all regular amendments (and all other relevant documents) using the Regulatory Reporting System (RRS).

However, amendments requiring the Superintendent’s authorization (e.g. an amendment requiring authorization under subsection 10.1(2) of the PBSA, an amendment reflecting an asset transfer under section 10.2 of the PBSA, or an amendment to a multijurisdictional plan requiring authorization under provincial pension legislation) cannot be submitted using RRS. Documents in support of an application for the Superintendent’s authorization must be submitted electronically to

Plan Amendment Return - RRS Process

Creating a Plan Amendment Return in RRS

To file an amendment, the administrator must first create a Plan Amendment Return in RRS.

  1. In the Main Menu, hover over Manage Returns and select Create Return.
  2. Under Return Name write “Plan Amendment – No. XX (if applicable) – YYYY-MM-DD” the effective date of the amendment or amendments (if more that one). For example:
    • “Plan Amendment – No. 04 – 2021-01-01” or;
    • “Plan Amendment – 2020-11-15”.
  3. Under Select Form Set, choose PP1-Amendments to Pension Plans.  
  4. Under Enter earliest effective date of change contained in the return, enter the earliest effective date of the amendment or amendments. Amendments must have the same effective date if they are to be submitted in one return (i.e. a board resolution with multiple amendments effective the same day). If amendments have different effective dates, please submit a separate return for each.
  5. Click Create – the return will appear in the Draft Returns section found in the main menu.

For more information on creating returns in RRS, please consult the Manage Corporate Returns User Guide and other RRS training material available on the OSFI website. RRS training materials can also be found in RRS in the Documents folder under Training and Support.

Completing the Plan Amendment Return in RRS

Once in the Draft Returns tab, the administrator will be able to edit the content of the return by entering the information directly into the on-line web form. Select the name of the return that was just created. Select Edit. The information and documentation for the amendment can now be entered.

  • Line 1 – Enter the effective date of the amendment (or amendments if submitting more than one with the same effective date) using the following format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Line 2 – Enter the amendment number (if applicable). If there is no amendment number, leave blank.
  • Line 3 – Select “Yes” or “No” to indicate the response to each question.

Additional Required Documents

Lines 4 through 6 require the administrator to upload documents.

As with other returns in the Draft Returns section, you can save this return in draft form until it is fully completed and ready to submit.

Submission of Plan Amendment Return

Once a return is ready to submit, go to the Submit Return sub-menu in the Submission section (found in the main menu). Select the Submit link in the Action column for the appropriate return.

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