Changes at the Executive Level

  • ​Type of Publication: Letter
  • Date: June 9, 2022
  • To: Federally Regulated Financial Institutions and Federally Regulated Pension Plans

Colleagues –

Today I am pleased to announce that Tolga Yalkin has been appointed to the recently created position of Assistant Superintendent of Policy Innovation and Stakeholder Affairs, with the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI). He will be assuming his duties on July 5, 2022.

In this role, Mr. Yalkin will be responsible for leading OSFI’s macro and micro-prudential regulatory response to the changing risk environment. He will supervise the management of approvals, compliance and interpretation of laws.  He will also oversee the communications function including furthering our coordinated approach to strategic stakeholder relationship management.

Mr. Yalkin comes to us from Health Canada where he is responsible for coordinating the health portfolio’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including support to provinces and territories. Prior to this, he held senior roles at Treasury Board Secretariat, in expenditure and people management, Health Canada, in product safety regulation, and at the Parliamentary Budget Office. In addition, he has taught law at Oxford and at uOttawa and practiced in banking and financial regulation in Australia.

Mr. Yalkin holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia, an Honours Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sydney, and a Bachelor of Civil Law and Master of Philosophy in law from Oxford.

Mr. Yalkin will join OSFI’s Executive Committee, which includes Ben Gully, Deputy Superintendent; Jamey Hubbs, Vice Superintendent; Michelle Doucet, Assistant Superintendent and Chief Operating Officer; Angie Radiskovic, Assistant Superintendent and Chief Strategy and Risk Officer; Assia Billig, Chief Actuary; and myself.

Please contact me should you have any questions regarding this appointment.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Routledge