Guideline E-4A - Role of the Chief Agent and Record Keeping Requirements

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  • Type of Publication: Letter
  • Date: November 10, 2005
  • Our File: P2200-35
  • Reference: Guideline for FCB
  • To:
    • Foreign Life Companies,
    • Foreign Property and Casualty Companies,
    • Foreign Fraternal Benefit Societies

This Guideline sets out OSFI’s expectations for the role of the Chief Agent for foreign insurance company branches (FCBs) and outlines the expectations for record keeping requirements. The Guideline reflects OSFI’s approach to supervision as set out in OSFI’s supervisory framework, and other OSFI guidelines that are applicable to foreign financial institution branches.

Guideline E-4A is intended to replace the existing Guideline E-4, issued in 1992 for foreign life insurance company branches. Guideline E-4A applies to foreign life and foreign property and casualty insurance branches and foreign fraternal benefit society branches. The Guideline is being issued concurrently with Guideline E-4B, which applies to foreign bank branches.

OSFI recognizes that some branches may have to modify existing policies and procedures; therefore, branches are expected to comply with this Guideline by October 31, 2006.

Questions concerning the guideline should be addressed to Sharon Nitschke, Legislation and Approvals Division, at (613) 990-8798, by facsimile at (613) 998-6716 or by e-mail at

  • Julie Dickson
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Regulation