BCAR Short Form

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  • Revised: July 2016

BCAR Short Form comprises a subset of schedules from the full BCAR return.  In order to qualify for completing BCAR Short Form, an institution must meet the following three criteria:

  1. The institution’s parent is an operating company regulated by OSFI and the parent has adopted an IRB approach to credit risk;
  2. The institution is a fully consolidated subsidiary and has adopted the same IRB approach as their parent; and
  3. 95% of the institution's credit risk exposures are captured under the IRB approach.

N.B. Even when these conditions are met, under certain circumstances, OSFI may require filing of the full BCAR.

BCAR Short Form is limited to the following schedules from the full BCAR return:

  • 1 Ratio and Assets to Capital Multiple Calculations
  • 1A Ratios, Capital, and Risk-weighted Assets on Transitional Basis
  • 2 Summary of Risk-weighted Assets
  • 3 Capital Elements
  • 3A Qualifying Capital Issued Out of Subsidiaries
  • 4 Allowance for Impairment: Capital Treatment
  • 38 Other Credit Risk-weighted Assets
  • 39 Off-balance Sheet Exposures Excluding Derivatives and Securitization Exposures
  • 40 Derivative Contracts
  • 41 Securitization Exposures
  • 42 Minimum Capital Required for Market Risk
  • 43 Minimum Capital Required for Operational Risk
  • 45 Balance Sheet Coverage by Risk Type and Reconciliation to the Consolidated Balance Sheet

Qualifying institutions that opt for filing BCAR Short Form should notify OSFI at least 30 days in advance of their first BCAR Short Form filing.  Notification should be sent to Returns Administration, Regulatory Data Management (returnsadmin@osfi-bsif.gc.ca) and to the lead supervisor for the institution’s parent.  Note that if an institution opts to file BCAR Short Form, it should not submit data in respect of any BCAR schedules other than those listed above.

N.B. Institutions completing BCAR Short Form must be able to provide OSFI with supporting information, on an as-requested basis, at a level of detail comparable but not necessarily identical to that contained in the schedules of full BCAR.