Supervisory Career Management Program

Program Overview

One of the objectives of the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) is to ensure the timely identification and development of highly qualified individuals. The Supervisory Career Management Program (SCMP) is aimed at providing such an opportunity within OSFI’s Supervision Sectors -Insurance, Deposit-taking and Risk Support Sectors.

The SCMP is a program designed to intake and train individuals who are early in their career, in how to conduct supervisory work. Participants will experience challenging and rewarding work assignments designed to develop their analytical skills and core behavioral competencies related to the supervisory process, in a structured and progressive fashion. Throughout the SCMP, participants will be supported by managers committed to their success.

The Supervisory Career Management Program prepares its candidates for positions within OSFI’s Supervision Sectors, and progress through the program will be based upon individual performance, as well as the development of certain requisite skills.

Trainees entering the Supervisory Career Management Program will be placed in one of three home streams which include: Insurance, Deposit-taking and Risk Support. The Trainees will move along a career path which includes a systematic rotation of three work assignments which will take place over a two and a half-year period. The first rotation will occur in the home stream and that will serve as the final destination of the Trainee upon successful completion of the Program.


The Supervisory Career Management Program will provide trainees with:

  • a strong knowledge of the organization and its operations, with emphasis on understanding supervisory strategies, systems and practices;
  • opportunities to develop their knowledge of the financial industry, federal and provincial legislations, regulations, guidelines, policies and trends;
  • opportunities to enhance analytical, problem solving, project management and presentation skills, as well as teamwork and cooperation skills;
  • opportunities to increase knowledge and skills in the application of risk management, financial analysis and supervisory techniques and principles.

Appointment to the Program

The Supervisory Career Management Program will recruit through a variety of staffing approaches, including internal and external processes. Please refer to GC Jobs for current employment opportunities at OSFI.