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National capital region's top employersIf you thrive on challenges, you will find them at OSFI, an independent agency of the Government of Canada responsible for regulating and supervising all federally registered Canadian financial institutions. OSFI also monitors federally regulated private pension plans and provides actuarial advice to the Government of Canada. Our primary responsibilities are to protect the rights and interests of policyholders, depositors, and pension plan members, and to contribute to public confidence in Canada's financial system.

Financial institutions, their products, and the global economy are operating in a more complex, dynamic environment than ever before. New challenges, including those related to climate and the digitalization of money, create the need to re-evaluate risk management on an ongoing basis. That’s where we come in. Having the right people in our Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal offices assessing those kinds of risks is essential.

Working at OSFI

Getting the right people with the right skills in the right jobs is guided by OSFI’s competencies. These competencies reflect our business needs and organizational values and serve as a basis for selection. They are also used for learning and development and performance and talent management. Employees will learn, develop, and build on many of their competencies over the course of their careers at OSFI.

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OSFI's competencies
CollaborationSharing a community mindset; promoting cohesion, curiosity and acceptance rather than competition; and breaking down barriers to achieve common objectives.
InnovationBeing willing to take a creative approach to problems and adapt to changing circumstances with comfort; going beyond the conventional; creating psychological safety; promoting experimentation, learning, taking risks, and challenging the status quo.
TransparencyBeing clear and honest in communications and rationales for actions and decisions. Being open when interacting with others, acting with personal, behavioural, and professional integrity, humility, and building trust.
Growth and DevelopmentBeing committed to continuously learning and developing one’s self and others; taking initiative to recognize strengths and developmental needs and improving them accordingly.
Critical ThinkingGathering and evaluating data and evidence to guide decision-making; interpreting, challenging, and analyzing informationand trends in order to arrive at sound conclusions.
Results OrientationTaking personal responsibility to reach or exceed goals or outcomes; demonstrating a sense of urgency, ownership for results and consistently achieving results.
Interpersonal CommunicationCommunicating ideas clearly and with understanding and impact; attempting to see things from others’ perspectives; respecting diversity of thought and cultural diversity; actively listening; and seeking to understand.
InclusionFostering a psychologically and physically safe environment; promoting diversity, equity, and all-inclusive participation, and adapting to individual, societal, or cultural cues.
People Leaders Only
Leading PeopleInspiring and motivating the people you lead towards a shared vision, common purpose and direction; leading by example and monitoring performance and providing constructive feedback that encourages and enables performance excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. I am looking for a position at OSFI. How can I be notified of jobs open to the public?

    A. You can be notified of OSFI job opportunities open to the public in a variety of ways. You can get email notifications directly from OSFI’s website, from, or through social media via Twitter.          

  2. Q. I am about to graduate from university. Does OSFI have special employment programs for recent graduates?

    A. OSFI's Regulatory Officer Development Program (RODP) and its Career Management Program (CMP) are designed for recent graduates. Vacancies in the RODP and CMP programs are posted to as they come available.          

  3. Q. I am looking for a summer job. Does OSFI hire summer students?

    A. OSFI seeks its summer students from the Public Service Commission's national inventory of full-time students under the terms of the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP). We recommend that you register with that program to be eligible for possible OSFI openings or for other summer student opportunities with the Government of Canada.          

  4. Q. I am thinking about applying for a co-op program. Does OSFI hire co-op students?

    A. The Post-secondary Co-operative Education and Internship Program (CO-OP/Internship) enables students to get hands-on experience with federal organizations in their fields of study. Note that students cannot apply directly to OSFI for a CO-OP/Internship work placement. You should register with your school's on-campus CO-OP/Internship program and monitor campus notice boards.