Regulatory Officer Development Program

Program Overview

One of the objectives of the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) is to ensure the timely identification and development of highly qualified individuals. The Regulatory Officer Development Program (RODP) is aimed at providing such an opportunity within OSFI’s Regulation Sector.

OSFI’s Regulation Sector supports OSFI’s mandate through its interpretation and application of federal financial institutions legislation, regulations and guidance. The Regulation Sector also evaluates applications for the incorporation of new financial institutions and other matters requiring regulatory consent.

OSFI’s Regulation Sector develops policy in several areas, particularly those related directly to OSFI’s prudential mandate and technical legislative issues. The Sector also performs a secretariat function in respect of committees chaired by the Superintendent, and coordinates business planning and other activities for the Executive Committee.

Throughout the 24-month program, participants will be exposed to many aspects of OSFI’s regulatory framework, and will be provided with the opportunity to develop and apply their analytical and leadership skills in a structured and progressive fashion.

Training objectives and performance commitments will be established to help participants advance to a higher level position after completion of the program.


The Regulatory Officer Development Program will provide trainees with:

  • an excellent overall knowledge of the organization and its operations, with emphasis on understanding corporate strategies, systems and practices;
  • opportunities to develop their knowledge of the financial industry legislation, regulations, guidelines, policies and trends;
  • opportunities to enhance analytical problem solving, project management and presentation skills, while developing as an effective team player and leader through multiple corporate assignments; and
  • opportunities to increase knowledge and skills in the application of financial analysis.

Appointment to the Program

The Regulatory Officer Development Program recruits through an external advertised process with a national area of selection. Please refer to OSFI’s Employment Opportunities Section for current openings.