2018 Speeches

Speaker Title Date Posted
Jeremy Rudin Summary of remarks to KPMG's 27th Annual Insurance Conference — Toronto, ON 2018-12-07
Neville Henderson Summary of remarks to Northwind's 25th Annual Life Insurance Invitational Forum — Cambridge, ON 2018-12-07
Carolyn Rogers Transparency in bank capital: Making capital buffers more usable — Remarks prepared for CFA Society Toronto, Toronto, Ontario 2018-11-13
Ben Gully Summary of remarks to the Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA) — Toronto, Ontario 2018-11-13
Jeremy Rudin Data Science and the Future of Financial Supervision — Remarks to the 11th Symposium on Asian Banking and Finance, San Francisco, California 2018-07-13
Neville Henderson Summary of remarks to the 2018 Risk Canada Conference — Toronto, ON 2018-06-26
Jeremy Rudin Covered Bonds in Canada – OSFI's role in supporting the integrity of the framework — Remarks to the European Covered Bond Council, Vancouver, British Columbia 2018-04-18
Jeremy Rudin Fulfilling OSFI's oversight role: Avoiding obstacles and overlap through thoughtful coordination — Remarks to the Cercle Finance du Québec, Québec City, Québec 2018-02-27
Carolyn Rogers The lessons of Basel 3 and the path ahead for Canada — 2018 RBC Capital Markets Canadian Bank CEO Conference, Toronto, Ontario 2018-11-13