2020 Speeches

SpeakerTitleDate Posted
Jeremy Rudin A complex climate: Charting a path for an uncertain future – Remarks to the Global Risk Institute2020-12-11
Sanjiv Talwar Opening remarks for a plenary session on the regulatory outlook, prepared for the IACMP Fall Conference - via webcast, November 20, 2020 2020-12-10
Neville Henderson OSFI P&C Risk Management Seminar opening notes 2020-12-07
Jeremy Rudin The Canadian Banking System through the Pandemic: Where We Are and Where We Are Going - Opening remarks by Superintendent Jeremy Rudin prepared for OSFI's 2020 Risk Management Webinar for Deposit-taking Institutions2020-11-24
Mark Causevic Summary of remarks to Northwind's 2020 P&C forum — Toronto, Ontario2020-10-14
Ben Gully Adapting Prudential Policy for the New Normal - Remarks to the C.D. Howe Institute, Toronto, Ontario, via webcast2020-09-28
Neville Henderson Opening remarks prepared for OSFI's Life Insurance Risk Management Seminar via Webcast2020-06-25
Jamey Hubbs Summary of remarks by Jamey Hubbs to the Global Risk Institute2020-05-26
Jeremy Rudin & Ben Gully Remarks by Jeremy Rudin, Superintendent and Ben Gully, Assistant Superintendent, Regulation Sector to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance 2020-05-21
Jeremy Rudin A prudential perspective on the risks of a changing climate, Opening remarks by Jeremy Rudin, Superintendent of Financial Institutions — 17th Annual Review of Insolvency Law (ARIL) Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia 2020-02-11
Ben Gully Summary of OSFI comments at the 15th BCBS-FSI high-level meeting2020-02-03
Ben Gully Sound Mortgage Underwriting: Foundation for Stability - Remarks to the C.D. Howe Institute, Toronto, Ontario2020-01-24
Jamey Hubbs Be Prepared: Building Resilience for Today and the Future - 2020 RBC Capital Markets Canadian Bank CEO Conference, Toronto, Ontario2020-01-07