Speeches and Presentations - Jeremy Rudin (2014 — 2021)

​TitleDate Posted
Introductory remarks by Superintendent Jeremy Rudin at the Association of Canadian Pension Management’s “Emerging from 2020 into 2021 and Beyond” session via webcast2021-05-13
Introductory remarks by Superintendent Jeremy Rudin at Torys LLP Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) session via webcast, April 7, 20212021-04-12
Opening remarks by Jeremy Rudin and Ben Gully on the restart of consultations on the minimum qualifying rate for uninsured mortgages2021-04-08
Passion, Persistence and Effective Regulation and Supervision – RBC Capital Markets Canadian Bank CEO Conference2021-01-11
A complex climate: Charting a path for an uncertain future – Remarks to the Global Risk Institute2020-12-11
The Canadian Banking System through the Pandemic: Where We Are and Where We Are Going - Opening remarks by Superintendent Jeremy Rudin prepared for OSFI's 2020 Risk Management Webinar for Deposit-taking Institutions2020-11-24
A prudential perspective on the risks of a changing climate — 17th Annual Review of Insolvency Law (ARIL) Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia2020-02-11
Guideline B-20: Preparing for the Unexpected - Cambridge, Ontario2019-02-11
Summary of remarks to KPMG's 27th Annual Insurance Conference - Toronto, Ontario2018-12-07
Data Science and the Future of Financial Supervision — Remarks to the 11th Symposium on Asian Banking and Finance, San Francisco, California2018-07-13
Covered Bonds in Canada – OSFI's role in supporting the integrity of the framework — Remarks to the European Covered Bond Council, Vancouver, British Columbia2018-04-18
Fulfilling OSFI's oversight role: Avoiding obstacles and overlap through thoughtful coordination — Remarks to the Cercle Finance du Québec, Québec City, Québec2018-02-27
OSFI at 30: Learning from the past; looking to the future — Economic Club of Canada, Toronto, Ontario2017-10-03
Waiting for Basel? Next steps for Canada's bank capital regime — Remarks to the C. D. Howe Institute, Toronto, Ontario2017-04-06
Sound Residential Mortgage Underwriting in a Changing Environment — Remarks to the 2016 Mortgage Professionals Canada National Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia2016-11-28
The Way Forward for Bank Capital: Canada's Perspective — Remarks to the Institute of International Bankers (IIB), New York, New York2016-10-28
A Climate of Change — Remarks to the 2016 National Insurance Conference of Canada (NICC), Vancouver, British Columbia 2016-09-29
Enabling More Effective Governance of Canadian Financial Institutions — Remarks to the Global Risk Institute, Toronto, Ontario2016-06-14
Remarks to the C.D. Howe Institute, Toronto, Ontario2015-06-17
Remarks to the 2015 Property and Casualty Insurance Industry Forum, Cambridge, Ontario2015-06-04
Remarks to The International Finance Club of Montréal2015-03-17
Revised Transcript of Question and Answer Session at the KPMG 23rd Annual Insurance Issues Conference, Toronto, Ontario2014-12-01
Remarks to the Life Insurance Invitational Forum, Cambridge, Ontario2014-11-13
Opening remarks to the Senate Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce, Ottawa, Ontario2014-11-05
Remarks to the Economic Club of Canada, Toronto, Ontario2014-09-30