Annual Regulatory Filings

OSFI is making adjustments to its pension plan returns. As such, most pension plan returns for the periods ending between December 31, 2019 and January 31, 2020 will only be available in RRS in February 2020. For those plans filing the Solvency Information Return (OSFI 575) for the period ending December 31, 2019, this return is available in RRS. If you need returns scheduled sooner than February 2020, please send a request by email to

Subject Guide Form

Annual Information Returns - OSFI-49 and 49A

Completing the OSFI-49 Annual Information Return and OSFI 49A Schedule A - Canada Revenue Agency Information Requirements

Sample OSFI 49 (PDF, 221 KB) – Annual Information Return

Sample OSFI 49A (PDF, 198 KB) – Canada Revenue Agency Information Requirements

Certified Financial Statements (OSFI 60) and Auditor’s Reports

Completing the OSFI 60 – Certified Financial Statements and Filing Auditor’s Reports

Sample Certified Financial Statements – OSFI 60 (PDF, 66.6 KB)

Pension Plan Annual Corporate Certification

Completing The Pension Plan Annual Corporate Certification (PPACC) (PDF, 80.1 KB)

Corporate Returns

Manage Corporate Returns User Guide

Financial Returns

Manage Financial Returns User Guide

Actuarial Reports – Defined Benefit Plans

Preparation of Actuarial Reports for Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Replicating Portfolio

Replicating Portfolio Information Summary Guide

Replicating Portfolio Information Summary (XLSX, 78 KB)

Actuarial Information Summary

Actuarial Information Summary Guide

Actuarial Information Summary Form (XLSX, 85 KB)

Solvency Information Return

Solvency Information Return

Sample Solvency Information Return Form (PDF, 246 KB)