October 2015

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Policies for travel and hospitality expenses incurred by the federally appointed superintendents, and for the reimbursement thereof.  If the office has no policies, please indicate whether it follows the Treasury Board's Directive and Special Travel Authorities.

All hospitality and travel expense claims (including submitted claim forms and processing documentation) and supporting documentation (including, where available, receipts, invoices, itineraries, hotel bills, taxi chits, boarding passes, tickets, meal and food receipts and bills etc.) as well as any amendments or modifications thereto.  Scope: current and former federally appointed superintendents.  Time Frame: 2010 to present.

Partial Communication   4895
A-2015-00012 The English version of the actuarial valuation prepared by the OSFI for Canada Post in 2000.  The actuarial valuation determined the value of pension liabilities (Approx. $7B) that were transferred to Canada Post when the Canada Post Pension Plan was established on 1st October 2000.  Partial Communication   2275
A-2015-00023 Copies of all THS Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement Call Ups for the period of August 2014 to August 2015 in the National Capital Region. Partial Communication   38