Draft Pillar 3 Disclosure Guideline 2023

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  • Type of Publication: Letter
  • Reference: Guideline for D-SIBs
  • Date: March 11, 2021

OSFI is issuing for comment the Draft Pillar 3 Disclosure Guideline.

OSFI is proposing the implementation of phases II and III of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision's Pillar 3 disclosures by Canadian Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs).Footnote 1 In addition to existing Pillar 3 disclosure requirements, D-SIBs are expected to disclose eight updated tables and templates relating to credit risk starting on January 31, 2023. For the reporting period ending October 31, 2023, D-SIBs are expected to disclose 15 new tables and templates from Phases II and III of the Basel Committee's Pillar 3 disclosure requirements.

The Draft Guideline lists the disclosures required of the D-SIBs; OSFI will include the detailed tables and templates in the final Guideline.

Questions and comments should be addressed to the Accounting Policy Division, at Consultations@osfi-bsif.gc.ca by July 02, 2021. An extended consultation period is limited to the Draft Pillar 3 Disclosure Guideline. OSFI recognizes the number of Guidelines being issued for public consultation and would like to provide stakeholders sufficient time to provide valuable feedback. A non-attributed summary of comments received, along with OSFI's responses, will be posted on OSFI's website when the final version of the guideline is released.

Ben Gully
Assistant Superintendent
Regulation Sector


Footnote 1

OSFI has designated six institutions as D-SIBs: Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, National Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, and Toronto-Dominion Bank of Canada.

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