Reporting Requirements for Property & Casualty Insurance Companies

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  • Date: August 2021
P&C Quarterly (1Q)45 daysQuarterlyYesYes
P&C Annual (1Q/1A)60 daysAnnualYesYes
P&C Quarterly - Unstructured (662)45 daysQuarterlyYesYes
60 daysAnnualYesYes
Auditor's Report on MCT (650)90 daysAnnualYesNo
Auditor's Report on BAAT (655)May 31 (a)AnnualNoYes
Auditor's Report to the Superintendent (625) - Canadian60 daysAnnualYesNo
Auditor's Report to the Superintendent (625) - Reinsurers90 daysAnnualYesNo
Auditor's Report to the Superintendent (625) - ForeignMay 31 (a)AnnualNoYes
Appointed Actuary's Report (605)60 daysAnnualYesYes
AAR - Excel File (600)60 daysAnnualNoNo
Financial Condition Testing (FCT) (610)Various (b)AnnualYesYes
External Review Report - AAR (615) (d)Various (c)Annual YesYes
External Review Report - FCT (608) (d)Various (c)Annual YesYes
External Review Report - CAR (609) (d)Various (c)Annual YesYes
External Review Report - Other (607) (d)Various (c)Annual YesYes
ORSA Key Metrics Report (OP)Various (e)Annual YesYes
ORSA KMR - Unstructured (915)Various (e)Annual YesYes
Earthquake Exposure Data Return (659)May 31AnnualYesYes
Unpaid Claims and Loss Ratio Exhibits (661)60 daysAnnual YesYes
P&C Business Plan (640)Max 60Annual YesYes
Worldwide Financial Statement (645)VariousAnnual NoYes

(a) ICA Subsection 644(1)

(b) Earlier of: 30 days after presentation to Board of Directors/Chief Agent, and one year after fiscal year-end

(c) Earlier of: December 31 or 30 days after transmission to the Audit Committee or to the Chief Agent

(d) ERR for the AAR(615) and FCT(608) will be automatically scheduled; the CAR(609) and Other(607) must be requested by contacting or at 613-991-0609

(e)  Submitted to OSFI at least annually and within 30 days of report being reviewed by the Board of Directors / signed off by the Chief Agent