About the Office of the Chief Actuary

The Office of the Chief Actuary (OCA) is an independent unit within the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.

Although the Chief Actuary reports to the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, they are solely responsible for:

  • the content and actuarial opinions in OCA reports
  • actuarial advice provided to the federal, provincial and territorial governments

Our mandate

The Office of the Chief Actuary provides a range of independent actuarial valuation and advisory services to the federal government. This includes actuarial reports on the:

  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
  • Old Age Security Program
  • Canada Student Financial Assistance Program

Although the chief actuary reports to the superintendent, they are solely responsible for the content and actuarial opinions in the reports.

Read more about our accountability framework.

Supplying other actuarial information and services

As time and resources allow, we respond to requests to explain actuarial information or to do special actuarial work. We have policies in place to ensure we’re using standardized practices to remain transparent with the public.

We charge a fee for special information or for actuarial work. This fee reflects the cost of fulfilling this additional work.