Office of 
the Chief Actuary

Office of the Chief Actuary

As the independent, impartial and trusted actuarial centre of excellence of the Government of Canada, we provide high quality and forward-looking actuarial advice and services, which include:

  • Regular and as-needed actuarial reports
  • Actuarial studies
  • Explanations of actuarial information
  • Special actuarial work


We provide professional actuarial advice without external pressures.

We have a cooperative relationship with stakeholders and aren’t influenced by them.

Stakeholders can be confident that we prepare reports with full impartiality.


We provide an unbiased and honest professional opinion.


Stakeholders can believe in our reliability and unbiased approach. They know that the advice we provide is of the highest quality and relevance, and they can use our services to their full potential.

About the Office of the Chief Actuary

Chief Actuary

Assia Billig

Assia Billig

Assia Billig was appointed Chief Actuary within the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions in April 2019.

The Chief Actuary prepares actuarial reports on the Canada Pension Plan, the Old Age Security program, the Canada Student Loans Program, and pension and benefits plans for federal public servants, the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, federally appointed judges and Members of Parliament.

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