Possible delays in treating your request

Openness, transparency and accountability are guiding principles of the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions and the Government of Canada.

Access to information and personal information requests received from the public continue to be important to us. However, our ability to respond to requests within the timelines mandated by the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act may be affected by the current operational pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this period.

The Government of Canada is working hard to enhance the role of Parliament and the proactive disclosure of information so that Canadians are better able to hold Parliament, their Government, and public sector officials to account. To this end, the Government requires the mandatory publication of information on:

Access to Information and Privacy

Proactive Disclosure

Transition Binder

Please note that information that would normally be withheld under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act does not appear on this web site.