Annual Corporate Certification Return

Type of Publication: Instructions
Date: 2015 Revision


The information provided in the Return is required pursuant to one or more of the following provisions: sections 628 and 950 of the Bank Act, section 495 of the Trust and Loan Companies Act, sections 664 and 993 of the Insurance Companies Act, or section 431 of the Cooperative Credit Associations Act.


This return applies to all Federally Regulated Financial Institutions (FRFIs), Foreign Representative Offices (FROs) and Private Pension Plans (PPPs).


This return is a return that will be scheduled by OSFI on a yearly basis. At the beginning of your organization’s fiscal year, this return will appear in your Draft Returns folder.

This return must be used to certify on a yearly basis that you have reviewed and updated as appropriate all the corporate information located under your Organization Profile.

For Canadian FRFIs, this return is also used to provide your Annual General Meeting (AGM) Date, which will update your Annual Board Meeting Dates. Annual General Meetings must be held no later than six months after the end of each financial year.

RRS resubmissions are not permitted for this return type. If you identify errors in your profile, you are required to call Returns Administration in order to correct the error(s). This includes changes to existing effective dates.

This return is not subject to the Late and Erroneous Filing Penalty (LEFP) Framework.

Filing Deadlines

For Canadian Domestic Banks and Foreign Bank Subsidiaries, Canadian Life Insurance Companies, Canadian Property & Casualty Insurance Companies, Credit Union Centrals, Trust and Loan Companies, and Co-operative Retail Associations, this return is due within 30 days of the AGM date.

For Canadian Fraternal Benefit Societies, this return is due no later than June 30th of each fiscal year.

For Foreign Bank Branches, Foreign Life Insurance Companies, Foreign Property & Casualty Insurance Companies, Foreign Fraternal Benefit Societies and Foreign Representative Offices, this return is based on your fiscal year end date and is due within 60 days after the fiscal year end.

For Private Pension Plans, this return is based on your fiscal year end date and is due within 6 months after the fiscal year end.