OSFI-565 – Notice of Annual or Special Meeting

Type of Publication: Instructions
Date: 2015 Revision


The information provided in the Return is required pursuant to one or more of the following provisions: sections 138, 701 and 727 of the Bank Act, section 141(4) of the Trust and Loan Companies Act, sections 143 and 767 of the Insurance Companies Act, or section 185 of the Cooperative Credit Associations Act.


This return only applies to public companies for Canadian Domestic Banks and Foreign Bank Subsidiaries, Canadian Life and Property & Casualty Insurance Companies, Credit Union Centrals, Trust and Loan Companies, and Co-operative Retail Associations.


This return should be used to submit the Notice of Annual or Special Meeting of Shareholders, the Proxy Circular/Dissidents Proxy Circular, Form of Proxy, etc., that must also be submitted to OSFI.

In order to submit multiple attachments, zip all files together and submit one zipped file.

RRS resubmissions are permitted for this return type.

This return is subject to the Late and Erroneous Filing Penalty (LEFP) Framework.

Filing Deadlines

This return is based on the Annual General Meeting (AGM) Date; due 21 days before each AGM date.