OSFI participates in Northwind’s 37th Annual Financial Services Invitational Forum

Speech - King City -

On April 18, 2024, Tolga Yalkin, Assistant Superintendent, Regulatory Response, took part in a panel to discuss "What does good prudential regulation look like?" The panel compared Canada's current prudential practices to those of other jurisdictions. The panelists discussed how regulation may need to adapt in the future to continue promoting an innovative and efficient financial system that operates in a safe and sound manner. The discussion also touched on the broader risk environment and key risks for the financial sector, Basel III implementation and international developments and alignment, the importance of safely facilitating both new entrants but also exits of financial institutions, the need to allow financial institutions to compete effectively and take reasonable risks, the critical role that proportionality plays in the supervision of financial institutions, and takeaways from international developments in the banking sector.

In the afternoon of April 18, Angie Radiskovic, Assistant Superintendent, Chief Strategy and Risk Officer (CSRO), participated in a fireside conversation about OSFI's perspectives on how the changing risk landscape and themes shape OSFI's agenda. She described her role and mandate as CSRO, the evolution of OSFI's Annual Risk Outlook, and how the evolving risk environment shapes the regulatory landscape.

On April 19, Assistant Superintendent Yalkin returned as a panelist to discuss the regulatory shifts in the banking sector. He spoke about OSFI’s new supervisory framework and the move towards providing enhanced rating information, OSFI’s expectations regarding safeguarding prescribed supervisory information, and coordination amongst other financial safety net regulators.