Access to information and privacy annual reports and assessments

Under section 72(1) of the Access to Information Act and section 72(1) of the Privacy Act, the heads of government institutions are required to prepare annual reports to Parliament concerning their administration of the Acts for the fiscal year. 

Privacy Impact Assessments

Many federal institutions and agencies are implementing electronic methods to deliver services to Canadians. To ensure that such initiatives comply with privacy requirements, institutions are required to conduct Privacy Impact Assessments in order to identify and evaluate any risks to the personal information at issue. The assessments assist managers and decision-makers to avoid or mitigate privacy risks and to promote fully informed policy, program and system design choices.

Once a Privacy Impact Assessment has been done, institutions are required to produce a summary of the results of the Assessment. It must be made available to the public in a timely manner, in plain language, and in both official languages.

Summaries of Privacy Impact Assessments

  • 2019-20 - nothing to report