Net Stable Funding Ratio Reporting (DT1)

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Deposit-taking institutions
Net Stable Funding Ratio Reporting (DT1)
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April 2023

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This return provides the Net Stable Funding Ratio of the reporting institution, as well as details of the calculation.


Section 628 of the Bank Act.


This return applies to all domestic systemically important banks (D-SIBs).



Contact person

For business and/or interpretation questions, contact Louis Bélisle (, Capital and Liquidity Standards Division. For all technical questions, contact Returns Admin (

Reporting dates

The return must be completed on a quarterly basis and filed within 30 days of fiscal quarter end.

Where to submit


General instructions

The NSFR return is to be completed using the methodologies and calculations described in Chapter 3 of OSFI's Liquidity Adequacy Requirements (LAR) Guideline. Specific instructions for each required data item (NSFR classification identifier) can be found in the 'NSFR_Classification' worksheet of the NSFR return. The purpose of these instructions is to ease completion of the NSFR return by referencing its components to the applicable paragraph(s) of the guideline (e.g., para 43(d)).

The NSFR return must be completed on a consolidated basis (reported in CAD-equivalent amounts) by all domestic systemically important banks.

All dollar amounts should be reported in thousands of Canadian dollars.

Technical notes

The NSFR return can be submitted through the Regulatory Reporting System (RRS) by uploading a data file in XML. While it is possible to file this return by filling out and submitting the web form in RRS, it is preferable to use the XML file upload due to the significant number of data fields to be entered. An XSD file that outlines the structure of conforming XML files can be downloaded from the RRS Portal Documents section.