"2023 Annual update" to the Manual of Reporting Forms and Instructions for Deposit-taking Institutions

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Foreign Bank Branches,
Trust and Loan Companies
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  • To:
    • Chief Financial Officers of Banks and Federally Regulated Trust and Loan Companies and
    • Principal Officers of Foreign Bank Branches
  • From:
    • Andrew Miller
      Chief Data Officer

This is to advise you of the changes that were made to the Financial Information Committee (FIC) regulatory forms and instructions. These changes can be viewed on OSFI’s website at www.osfi-bsif.gc.ca under Regulatory Data and Returns > Filing Financial Returns > Deposit-taking Institutions > Manual of Reporting Forms and Instructions.

Changes were made to the following regulatory reporting forms and instructions effective for 2024 filing:

New reporting requirements – Assurance attestations

As OSFI’s assurance guideline became effective in November 2022, assurance attestations will be required to be filed for all capital, leverage and liquidity regulatory returns, where applicable, as unstructured filings via the Regulatory Reporting System (RRS), effective Q1 2024. A cover page with senior management attestation and internal audit attestation has been added to each of the sample excel templates posted on OSFI’s website. Effective Q1 2024, quarterly unstructured filings will be created in your RRS draft folder, as applicable, for the following returns:

Important reminders

Validation rules and XML/XSD schemas

Any updates to the validation rule reports or the XML/XSD schemas will be posted on OSFI’s Web site once they are made available within the RRS system.

Additional information / Questions

If you have any questions about completing or filing the financial Returns, please call Returns Administration at (613) 991-0609 or email at RRSsupport-SDRsoutien@osfi-bsif.gc.ca.

cc: Canadian Bankers Association