What it means to be regulated

A key element to a strong and resilient financial industry is regulation. We watch for issues that may have a negative impact on financial institutions or Canadians. Then we intervene when needed.

How we regulate

We strive to balance the goal of a sound Canadian financial system with institutions’ needs to compete effectively. Our regulatory activities help financial institutions and pension plans provide consistent services to Canadians. These activities include:

  • Developing rules and guidance
  • Interpreting legislation and regulations
  • Providing regulatory approvals for certain types of transactions
  • Contributing to new accounting, auditing and actuarial standards

What we regulate

We’re responsible for regulating:

  • all banks in Canada
  • all federally incorporated or registered trust and loan companies
  • insurance companies
  • cooperative credit associations
  • fraternal benefit societies
  • private pension plans

Visit Who we regulate for a list of organizations we regulate.

What isn’t included in our regulation

Other federal and provincial agencies look after regulating: 

  • consumer or consumer-related issues
  • the securities sector

We also don’t manage the operations of financial institutions or pension plans.