Industry Notices

NoticesBank FBB T&L L&F P&CDate Published
OSFI maintains the level of the Domestic Stability Buffer at 3.50%*N/AN/AN/AN/A2023-12-08
OSFI consults on draft guideline for model risk management**** * 2023-11-20
OSFI consults on disclosure of FRFIs' crypto-asset exposures**** * 2023-11-20
OSFI upholds current LAR guideline treatment for HISA ETFs***N/A N/A 2023-10-31
OSFI update on Canadian Dollar Offered Rate transition*****2023-10-24
Standardized Climate Scenario Exercise – draft for consultation*****2023-10-16
OSFI’s new supervisory framework*****2023-10-04
Letter to industry on OSFI’s next steps to implement new provisions of its mandate*****2023-09-06
OSFI launches consultation on the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process Data Return*N/A*N/AN/A2023-08-04
Update to LAR guideline review for wholesale funding sources with retail-like characteristics***N/A N/A 2023-07-19
OSFI increases the level of the Domestic Stability Buffer by 50 basis points*N/A N/A N/A N/A 2023-06-20
OSFI launches public consultations on Solo Capital Requirements and Solo Total Loss Absorbing Capacity (TLAC) Requirements*N/AN/A*N/A2023-06-01
LAR guideline review for wholesale funding sources with retail-like characteristics***N/AN/A2023-05-10
Notice of changes to minimum base assessments*****2023-03-27
Final updated guideline E-16 – Participating account management and disclosure to participating policyholders and adjustable policyholdersN/AN/AN/A*N/A2023-01-18
Revised OSFI Capital Ruling for Limited Recourse Capital Notes*N/AN/A**2022-12-14
OSFI increases the range and level of the Domestic Stability Buffer to enhance flexibility to respond to changes in vulnerabilities*N/A N/A N/A N/A 2022-12-08
Operational resilience key definitions*** * * 2022-12-06
Residential Mortgage Underwriting Practices and Procedures Guideline (B-20)*N/AN/A N/A N/A 2022-10-18
Unwind of temporary leverage ratio exclusions***N/A N/A 2022-09-13
OSFI releases final Guideline B-13 – Technology and Cyber Risk Management*****2022-07-13
OSFI launches consultation on updated Guideline E-16 for insurersN/AN/AN/A*N/A2022-06-30
OSFI clarifies treatment of innovative real estate secured lending products under Guideline B-20*N/AN/AN/AN/A2022-06-28
OSFI maintains the Domestic Stability Buffer level at 2.50%*N/AN/AN/AN/A2022-06-22
Changes at the Executive Level** ** * 2022-06-09
OSFI response to draft Guideline B-13 consultation feedback** ** * 2022-06-09
Proposed Revisions to Guideline E-23 on Model Risk Management*N/A *N/A N/A 2022-05-20
OSFI’s expectations for CDOR Transition*****2022-05-16
Culture Risk Management *****2022-03-15
OSFI’s new Top-Level Organizational Structure*****2022-03-09
Register of OSFI-Regulated Internationally Active Insurance GroupsN/A N/A N/A **2022-02-02
Changes to Capital, Leverage, and Liquidity Requirements, and Related Disclosures*N/A *N/AN/A2022-01-31
Update on discussion paper - Assurance on Capital, Leverage and Liquidity Returns*N/A ***2022-01-20
Building Federally Regulated Financial Institution Awareness and Capability to Manage Climate-Related Financial Risks** * * * 2022-01-14
Use of the Standardized Approach for Operational Risk Capital by Category I SMSBs*N/A * N/A N/A 2021-12-20
Operational Resilience Consultation Results Summary*****2021-12-10
OSFI maintains the Domestic Stability Buffer level at 2.50%*N/AN/AN/AN/A2021-12-10
Update on Basel III Implementation ahead of final rules release*N/A*N/AN/A2021-11-29
Consultation outcomes - OSFI Guideline Consequential Changes as a Result of IFRS 17N/AN/AN/A**2021-11-17
Update on the Development of a New Approach for Determining Regulatory Capital Requirements for Segregated Fund Guarantee (SFG) RiskN/AN/AN/A**2021-11-16
OSFI Summarizes Responses to Its Climate Risk Discussion Paper* ** **2021-10-12
Unwinding of certain temporary exclusions in leverage ratio exposure measures* ** N/A N/A 2021-08-12
Operational Risk and Resilience* ** * * 2021-07-06
Prudential treatment of crypto asset exposures* ** * * 2021-07-05
OSFI finalizes its Guideline on Foreign Entities Operating in Canada on a Branch BasisN/A *N/A N/A N/A 2021-06-28
Transition from LIBOR*****2021-06-22
Industry consultation – Draft insurance capital guidelines 2023N/AN/AN/A**2021-06-21
OSFI sets the Domestic Stability Buffer level to 2.50% effective October 31, 2021*N/AN/AN/AN/A2021-06-17
Amendments to the minimum qualifying rate for uninsured mortgages*N/A N/A N/A N/A 2021-05-20
OSFI’s activities on anti-money laundering/anti-terrorist financing (AML/ATF) supervision*****2021-05-17
Technology Risk Consultation*****2021-05-10
OSFI releases an updated forward policy planner*****2021-05-06
2023 BCAR & LRR public consultation*N/A*N/AN/A2021-05-04
Assurance on Capital, Leverage and Liquidity Returns*****2021-04-13
ICAAP Expectations and BCAR Audit Requirements*N/A*N/AN/A2021-04-12
OSFI proposes new minimum qualifying rate for uninsured mortgages*N/AN/AN/AN/A2021-04-08
OSFI update to COVID-19-related regulatory flexibility for the covered bond limit*N/AN/AN/AN/A2021-04-06
OSFI Seeks Comments on Revisions to the Vested Asset Regime for Foreign Insurance BranchesN/A *N/A N/AN/A2021-03-29
OSFI update to COVID-19 related regulatory flexibility for market risk capital requirements***N/AN/A2021-03-16
Advancing a more resilient and proportional banking regulatory framework in Canada* N/A * N/A N/A 2021-03-11
Capital treatment of BDC Guarantee under the Highly Affected Sectors Credit Availability Program*N/A *N/A N/A 2021-01-27
Promoting Preparedness and Resilience to Climate-Related Risks*****2021-01-11
Extraordinary exceptions for non-recurring special dividends*****2020-12-14
OSFI maintains the Domestic Stability Buffer level at 1.00%*N/AN/AN/AN/A2020-12-08
Life Insurance Capital Adequacy Test (LICAT) AdvisoryN/AN/AN/A*N/A2020-11-27
Draft Revised Guideline B-2, Property and Casualty Large Insurance Exposures and Investment ConcentrationN/AN/AN/AN/A*2020-11-26
Extension of exclusions from the leverage ratio exposure measure***N/AN/A2020-11-05
OSFI updates IFRS 17 implementation timelinesN/AN/AN/A**2020-09-30
Developing financial sector resilience in a digital world*****2020-09-15
Strengthening Third Party Risk Management*****2020-09-08
OSFI Updates COVID-19 Measures*****2020-08-31
Update on OSFI's Activities with respect to IFRS 17 - Insurance ContractsN/AN/AN/A**2020-08-07
OSFI maintains the Domestic Stability Buffer level at 1.00%*N/AN/AN/A N/A 2020-06-23
Expectations on the use of Pillar II capital buffers for DTIs using the Standardized Approach to credit risk ***N/A N/A 2020-05-01
OSFI announces continued regulatory flexibility measures to support COVID-19 efforts*****2020-04-09
OSFI determines capital treatment of programs to support COVID-19 efforts***N/A N/A 2020-03-30
OSFI announces regulatory flexibility to support COVID-19 efforts*****2020-03-27
OSFI announces measures to support the resilience of financial institutions*N/AN/A N/A N/A 2020-03-13
OSFI seeks comments on proposed new benchmark rate for qualifying uninsured mortgages *N/AN/A N/A N/A 2020-02-18
Implementation Timeline for Basel III Operational Risk Capital Requirements *N/A*N/AN/A2020-01-20
Advancing Proportionality: OSFI Consults on Capital and Liquidity Requirements Applicable to Small and Medium-Sized Deposit-Taking Institutions***N/AN/A2020-01-17
Regulatory Affairs Division to begin processing Securities Administration Unit requests N/A*N/AN/AN/A2019-11-26
OSFI's Activities with respect to IFRS 17N/AN/AN/A**2019-08-13
Use of the Advanced Measurement Approach for Operational Risk Capital ***N/AN/A2019-07-18
Advancing Proportionality: Tailoring Capital and Liquidity Requirements for Small and Medium-Sized Deposit-Taking Institutions ***N/AN/A2019-07-11
Margin Requirements for Non-Centrally Cleared Derivatives*****2019-06-28
Domestic Stability Buffer*N/A N/A N/A N/A 2019-06-04
Amendments to the Bank Act restrictions on the use of the words "bank", "banker" and "banking", and OSFI's new compliance expectations*****2018-08-14
Implementation of the final Basel III reforms in Canada*N/A *N/A N/A 2018-07-16
LICAT and MCT 2021 Review for IFRS 17N/A N/A N/A **2018-06-27
Discussion Paper on OSFI's Reinsurance FrameworkN/A N/A N/A **2018-06-08
Disclosure of Federally Regulated Mortgage Insurers on OSFI's website*****2018-05-11
OSFI's Implementation Timeline for the Net Stable Funding Ratio*N/A *N/A N/A 2018-02-06
Advisory 2017-01 – Restrictions on the use of the words "bank", "banker" and "banking"*****2017-08-11
OSFI's Implementation Timeline for the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) Rules*N/A *N/A N/A 2017-07-20
Reinforcing Prudent Residential Mortgage Risk Management*****2017-07-07
Consolidation of OSFI Guidance*****2015-01-23
Approvals for reinsurance with a related partyN/A N/A N/A **2013-11-08
OSFI's Review of Reputation Risk Practices: Principles, Observations and Next Steps*****2005-06-07